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Lesson 2 - Chapter 1 - The basis on the law of attraction

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What is the law of attraction?

To understand this we must start from a basic principle, which was discovered and described by many historical scientists such as Albert Einstein. I would like to start with one of his sentences:

We often fail to understand certain things until science can prove them with concrete results that are then taught or shown to us through systems we believe in, for example, the school system or the media system, but what I am about to explain will never be accepted and taught to the world population because it could change the entire human existence and the entire system in which we blindly believe. But this is a topic for the next chapters of this series.

What I'd like to ask you is, have you ever stopped and wondered if the life you live is really what you want it to be, or are you contenting yourself with what fate has to offer you?

What Einstein meant is what today is also explained to us by quantum physics, everything is energy, in reality, nothing is physically solid or real, everything is vibration, even you!

All matter is composed of atoms, the atoms are however divisible into protons, neutrons, and electrons. Digging deeper and deeper into the small, thanks to quantum science, we come to a point where matter no longer exists, and what forms the smallest particles in existence is pure energy. If what forms the smallest particles is pure energy everything is pure energy, even you. Energy is also described as vibration so overall everything is energy and everything is vibration. And this is the second key we need to know to understand a very important lesson that will revolutionize your life.

Before being able to explain what the law of attraction is, there is still one very important thing to know, what are thoughts? Thoughts are vibrations and therefore energy! We now have tools that can measure our thoughts and their vibrations and this proves this claim, based on our belief systems such as science.

Let's recap the basic concepts, everything and everyone is formed by energy, vibrations, everything attracts everything through these vibrations and our thoughts are vibration.

So let's get to the point, what is the law of attraction?

As described by Einstein, the law of attraction is a principle that governs the universe, a system in which everything is energy, including ourselves. This energy manifests itself in vibration on different frequencies. Our thoughts are vibrations and these vibrations travel on different frequencies depending on the nature of the thought and the emotions it carries with it.

By thinking about something, no matter what it is, we begin an attraction procedure to bring what we think into our life. Obviously, it is not enough to think once of something to make this thing manifest in our life, the manifestation takes time, how much time depends on yourself.

Remember, this law is always in operation regardless of what you think, whatever has happened to you or will happen to you in the future has been attracted into your life by yourself, whether it is positive or negative. The universe makes no distinction and will bring you anything you want, voluntarily or not, beautiful or ugly. Everything that happens around you is because you somehow attracted it into your life, and this rule never fails. The more you are aware of this rule, the more you will discover that it is true, looking at your life now or your past.

Well now we have the minimum foundations to embark on a new path that I hope will change your life as much as mine has, I will discuss each topic in more detail in future books, there is a lot to talk about and a lot to work on.

Next up "The belief system"

Light and Love


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