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Lesson 1 - Chapter 1 - Magnetism

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What is magnetism?

First of all, I would like to remind you that I am not a scientist, I will try to deal with this topic in minimal details and I could use the wrong words or terms regarding science, I apologize to all the scientists who are reading this blog. My intent is not to teach the science of magnetism but to give a basis for future topics and everything I write will be written by an ordinary person for other ordinary people, more simply and understandably for everyone.

By doing brief research, magnetism can be described in one sentence:

"In physics, magnetism is the phenomenon whereby some materials can attract iron as well as transmit this ability to other materials"

A very simple and very direct sentence, but I would like to give you my vision of magnetism. Magnetism for me is an invisible force, easily measurable with modern tools, belonging to all existing things. This force will attract other objects to itself constantly, fortunately, this force is not as strong as a magnet can be with iron, which attracts it to itself and, if the magnet is strong, it becomes very difficult to separate the iron from the magnet.

Maybe I should stop calling this force magnetism, this word is more suitable for magnets, but the concept I want to get to is the same as the magnet, I will call this force the power of attraction. Everything and everyone has their power of attraction and we attract anything that surrounds us to us. Fortunately, however, we live in a very complex universe, or reality, in which we are affected by infinite forces and laws that prevent an object attracted to us from sticking to us like iron with a magnet, imagine what it would be like to live otherwise….

This point is very important to remember, everything attracts everything, the reason for the importance of this will slowly come to the surface as you read these blogs.

Next up "The basis on the law of attraction"

Light and Love


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