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My future plan - Help the Globe

Sending you Reiki energy with this picture, with light and love Reiki master Stefano Pipoletto

I never feel comfortable asking for money for Reiki and I think everyone should know how to use it. I would like to be able to teach and give Reiki at no cost to terminally ill people, their families and their caregivers.

I wish to help any living being who comes into my life in need of help, without having to ask for anything in return.

How can I do it?

Cockatiel Devi receiving Animal Reiki


How can I achieve giving and teaching Reiki free of charge and be able to help in any way I can?

One of my biggest dreams would be to go around hospitals to give and teach how to use Reiki to the patients, especially the ones in terminal conditions. My path started from there in the end.

Well, I got a crazy plan.


I think firstly I will need to reduce my life expenses to a minimum. One of the biggest changes I'll have to make is where I live, planning to move into a motorhome instead of renting out expensive houses. That will also allow me, and my beloved Devī, to be fully mobile and be able to reach places where the need for help is greater.

With a motorhome, I'll be able to travel to many destinations like places that suffered natural disasters, for example.

I'm currently saving to get one, and hopefully, I'll be able to make this move by the end of February 2025. 


I have to make it happen no matter what!


This will release some financial pressure from my shoulders, allowing me to live with less, which means I can charge less for my services and be able to have what I need to live.

I will move back to Italy for a while, I need my family next to me after 18 years away. There I will find a part-time job to cover the basic expenses and slowly re-build the motorhome to make it my home. I will begin my Reiki practice again from 0 in Italy but with a very different approach.


Reiki should not be a business for me, but MY LIFE!

What brought me to Reiki in short: 

My father suffered from brain cancer for a while before I moved to London. It was not at all easy for me to live in such a situation in another country, but I always managed to return as often as possible to visit my father.


As the years passed, the situation did not improve and in moments of little hope, I began my research into possible alternatives, where modern medicine no longer offered possible solutions. In my research, I have learned about the holistic world and read about many cultures, beliefs and practices. Many are crazy but many others have opened my eyes to other points of view on our reality.


One method I found, and felt very drawn to, was energy healing, specifically Reiki practice.

I didn't exactly experience my father's illness firsthand, living in England, but I visited often. What I wish I could have given more to my father would have been a few more moments of well-being, relaxation and attention to the small beautiful moments.

Of all things, after 18 years in London, I now feel suffocated here. I need more peace of mind and I want to be able to dedicate my life without too many worries to people who find themselves in the situation my father found himself in.


My biggest goal is to be able to move around various places, visiting hospitals, clinics and homes to reach terminally ill patients. I wish I could teach them how to use Reiki, them, their immediate family members and anyone who cares for them.


Can Reiki make a difference in healing something as big as a terminal illness? Maybe not, but the whole process of learning and using Reiki could definitely improve the remaining time.

Once in Italy, I will get in contact with the doctors who took care of my father, in the city of Cuneo, I wish to ask them permission to visit terminal patients and teach them how to relax, meditate, use reiki and whatever else I can do to give them some peaceful time.

I'll need nothing in return 

Or maybe just a parking spot at the hospital for my motorhome, possible water and electricity (that will be a luxury!). After some time I can get in touch with doctors of Turin's hospital, which also took care of my father, and repeat the same over there.

From that point onward, I will be in the hands of the flow!

I don't know what exactly will happen from that point, and I do not care much about knowing now, I have faith. One of the possibilities is to get contacts from Turin's doctors for a possible next destination.


It could be anywhere!

To sustain my mission, I hope for the generosity of others. Donations will only be used to cover my basic living expenses and the costs of maintaining the motorhome. I am open to connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations to further my reach and impact.

Together as one there is no limit to what we can achieve


Please Note: No donated money will be used for my personal life if not to cover my basic living expenses. I'm in no need of material things or money. I had a career which allowed me to have a crazy life-period of materialism and I do not care about that kind of abundance anymore, all I need is food, water, a connection and some pocket money to be covered for eventual extras or breakages of my future mobile home. Any extra I will have from the donations will be used in "Helping the Globe", possibly sponsoring other charitable beings, and all will be reported in the blogs.

You can follow up on the progress on the BLOG (I'll post a dedicated section there soon)!

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Thank you for your support
Light and Love
Stefano & Devi

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