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Ajna - Third Eye Chakra Details and Tips

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Prerequisites to fully understand this post: Knowing what chakras are, please read the blog The 7 chakras first if you are new to the argument.

Name: Third Eye

Sanskrit: Ajna

Element: Super ether

Energy type: Mental energy

Sound: The mantra is OM, musical note LA or A

Symbolic animal: Owl

Metal: Platinum

Colour: Indigo

Complementary colour: Violet

Endocrine gland: Pituitary gland

Phrases and keywords: "I see". Mental power, intellectual faculties. Knowledge. Inspiration. Vision, forecast, intuition. Clairvoyance, telepathy, and other sensitive faculties; altered states of consciousness. Maturity. Completeness. Social organization. Together with the third chakra, it represents the seat of the will, but the sixth vortex also exerts a command action on the other chakras. It is often called the "third eye"; corresponds to the optic chiasmus. It is connected to the second chakra

Linked physical organs: Eyes, especially the left eye. Head. Part of the ears (some ear disorders respond to the fifth chakra, others to the sixth). Nose, upper airways. Front. The base of the brain.

Physical correlations: Poor eyesight. Headache, frontal headache, facial muscle disorders. Ear disorders. Labyrinthitis. Upper airway disorders (also consider the fifth chakra). Sinusitis. Epilepsy. Imbalances of the hypophysis.

Psycho-emotional correlation: Mental confusion, difficulty putting ideas into practice. Intellectual retardation. Insecurity, a lack of confidence in one's intuitions. Poor willpower (also consider the third chakra). Use of drugs and hallucinogens. Problems with changing heart rhythms (for example, sleeping during the day and working at night). Disorders caused by the change of time zone (jet lag).

Body positioning: Front chakra: between the eyebrows, higher or lower according to the people. Posterior chakra: the back of the head, roughly on the suture between the occipital bone and the parietal bone.

Front aspect: It is the chakra associated with the understanding of mental concepts, and the ability to see the world and situations from a more or less broad perspective. Through the strength of this centre, we perceive reality in a balanced, clear, correct way; or if the chakra is problematic, we will have a narrow, wrong or confused view of existence, situations, and relationships with others and with ourselves. If the vortex turns counterclockwise, the images of reality that the subject creates will be negative: projecting them outside, these images will end up producing a whole series of really hostile situations. The characteristic of conceiving particularly negative ideas, which are then transferred into actual attitudes, is related to the disharmonious and particularly wide rotation of this chakra. From a physical point of view, heavy alterations in the regular clockwise motion of the sixth anterior vortex often correspond to eye and vision disorders. If the chakra metabolizes a small amount of energy and therefore responds to the pendulum with slight oscillations (albeit clockwise), it can be deduced that this person suffers from a lack of ideas and has not developed intellectual faculties at best. On the other hand, harmonic functioning signals that the subject is able to manage intuition and mental power - or in some cases the sensitive qualities - in the appropriate way, directing them to their own ends.

Posterior aspect: When it has been exposed for the anterior aspect it also concerns the posterior aspect, but with the difference that the chakra located on the back of the head reflects the potential of the individual regarding ideas, mental faculties and intuitive qualities. The ideas that have yet to materialize or that have not reached consciousness fall within the sphere of the posterior sixth chakra: all the fantasies not well framed and all the unexpressed visualizations have their seat here. Self-distrust, as well as doubts about one's mental and intuitive abilities, can be indicated by the disharmonious motion of this vortex. Since the posterior aspect of the sixth chakra is very Yin, the weakness of this centre reveals a lack of clarity in perceptions, mental chaos, confusion about future possibilities, lack of precise ideas about the world, lack of imagination, and pessimism about one's path. The dynamics of the anterior aspect and of the posterior aspect allow us to understand what the intellectual and intuitive condition of the examined subject is: if the anterior vortex is harmonious and the rear disharmonic, it will have a positive vision of itself and of reality, but it will be difficult to change one's mental patterns; if the inverse circumstance occurs, the subject will be characterized by potential mental abilities that he will not be able to put into practice easily. Problematic is the case in which the movement of both vortices is irregular: such an individual, in addition to not realizing what he can really do mentally, will not correctly evaluate himself or the reality that surrounds him.

Crystals: Fire agate, polychrome fluorite, hyaline quartz with black tourmaline, hawk's eye quartz, rhodonite, sodalite, black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, dumortierite, lepidolite.

Essential Oils: Tea tree, anise, lemon, peppermint, nard, rosemary, red thyme.

Bach flowers: Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Clematis, Gentian, Honeysuckle, Hornbeam, Rock water, Vine, Wild Oat.

Ajna - Third Eye Chakra.

To locate the chakra just find your brow ridge, it’s that part of your forehead that protrudes around your eyebrows or at the same location as your eyebrows. What you want to do to trace this is to go slightly up where you’ll feel a tiny indentation in the bottom centre of your forehead. Most people have that slight indentation in perfect correlation with/ where their third eye chakra is located. The third eye chakra is associated with the indigo colour and is also associated with the element of super ether.

The third eye chakra is all about Clairvoyance. It must be said that organizing specific parts of the body that belong to specific channels and specific chakras and no other chakra, its a really limited way of seeing things. It's not the way that the body actually works, but we have a very difficult time understanding that different chakras actually co-govern areas of the body. It gets a lot more difficult when you look at the third eye chakra, a lot more difficult than even the other chakras. p.e: The third eye chakra together with the crown chakra govern the pineal gland, a bit like a king and a queen in a perfect balance of power would govern a kingdom. The pineal gland is a part of the human system that deserves its own episode. It is so central to the human capacity or inability to perceive

beyond the physical reality, it is our desire to make things black and white though, which wants us to say that a certain chakra governs a specific part of the body. That being said, the third eye chakra greatly influences the pituitary gland in conjunction with the throat chakra. Also the hypothalamus, the eyes, the frontal sinuses, and many parts of the brain, especially the outer portions of the brain, the skull, ears, nose, endocrine system and parasympathetic nervous system.

This chakra, the third eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the energy system, the primary energy system. We may be getting into the other chakras which are outside the primary system, later. Do you understand where the idea of the sixth sense came from? The concept of the sixth sense came from this sixth chakra, your third eye, which is all about intuition. When this chakra is open we not only see but also understand our inner and outer world. Fitting in nicely with the theme of clairvoyance this chakra governs clarity, intuition, self-realization, observation, astral travel, lucid dreaming, concentration, witnessing and imagination. It’s also the seat of the conscience. This means it governs not only awareness of what is truly happening but also what it means. What I find to be the greatest implication for this chakra, however, is that this chakra is designed to transcend duality and polarity. It is a unifying chakra, much like the heart chakra. Most of the time we are so identified with ourselves that we are stuck in a kind of narcissistic bubble. We are stuck in our own individual perceptions. Now what the third eye chakra does is it gets us completely outside that, so that we can expand our awareness, to such a degree that we are no longer limited by our own individual perception. We now can accommodate views that are completely opposite to our own. Doing this ends the battle between different perspectives, it unifies different perspectives even completely polarized and opposite perspectives. That is absolutely amazing. On top of that because it is a great unifier in terms of awareness it also unifies the right and left hemispheres of the brain, which gets rid of disunited thinking. You can think of the consciousness associated with the third eye as a kind of light beam that acts as a razor blade to cut through illusion. Because of this, it can dismantle any limiting thought Knowing all this then it's obvious, why this sixth chakra, the third eye chakra, has been associated with psychic abilities for so long because our genuine awareness goes far far beyond just our physical limitations and the physical dimension. Now when we look at the third eye chakra it is actually associated with everythingness and so the element that the old philosophers used to associate with the third eye chakra is actually light, which is seen as everythingness, Everything is basically oneness. They considered light to be the combination of every other element. We’re talking water, we’re taking fire, we’re talking earth and we’re talking air.

What causes this chakra to go out of alignment?

Some of the most common things that you’ll see are seizures, you’ll see dementia, you’ll see headaches and migraines, hallucinations, dissociation, confusion, eye problems, hormone imbalances, all kind of sleep disturbances, black-and-white thinking, no sense of direction, prejudices, strokes, brain tumours, sinusitis, paranoia, delusions, anxiety, depression, cynicism, closed-mindedness, denial, skull-, scalp- and hair problems, ear problems, learning disabilities, loss of a sense of conscience or apathy, rigid perspectives, lack of ethics, mental illnesses, disturbances in appetite and temperature regulation.

Many people who will teach you about chakras, love to tell you that they have to be in balance and in balance means, it’s possible for a chakra to be too open and too close.

That's not actually the case. This is our human sense of need to control something by diminishing it in some way. What`s actually true is that if all chakras were perfectly open there would be inherently an equilibrium established in the energy system. So what we are looking to do is not to detract or limit any one of our chakras in any way, we’re looking to make each chakra open to the utmost capacity and by each chakra doing that, we find this kind of homeostasis we are wanting to achieve.

How to re-open/re-align your third eye chakra

Commit to the path of integration.

We could say the enemy of this chakra is duality and polarity, but the more aware we become the less we have any enemy. So what we have to do is to end polarity and duality by getting outside of our own individual perspective. We gotta stop identifying with a singular perceptual reality that includes fragments within ourselves that have an individual perspective.

We must commit to the path of self-awareness above all.

Why is this? Because obviously our own projections, our own fears, and our own limiting thoughts are going to influence our capacity to bring in information from other places in the universe. We colour and distort messages that are being sent to us because they’re coming through our own perceptual reality. So the more aware, of your own perceptual reality, you are and the more you have broken outside of it and can actually see yourself, the better of a channel for these energies you will be. Stretch your perspective no matter how uncomfortable that may be, this is the order of the day. The more you do this the less likely misinterpretation or any kind of false sight will be.

Increases your awareness.

Literally, any practice that increases your awareness or stretches your perspective, is going to enhance your third eye chakra. It makes absolutely no sense for me to sit here and be like "this is the best one"; because there are so many and obviously certain people need to stretch their perspectives in this way and other people need to stretch their perspectives in this way. But I’ll give you some examples Meditation, learning something, chanting, visualisation, exercises that enhance intuition, self-questioning, divination, lucid dreaming, dream work, channelling, Yoga, focus exercises, mindfulness techniques, art or breath work.

Shadow Work.

Nothing clears the sixth chakra, your third eye more than shadow work. Why? Because the third eye chakra is all about awareness and shadow is the collective or the individual unconscious, so they’re completely juxtaposed. Remember how I said that duality and polarity were the nemeses of the third eye chakra? Well, the third eye chakra has another nemesis, and that nemesis is an illusion. Up until the day when your awareness or your perceptual reality is wide to the degree that it can include illusion as part of itself.

Enhances your intuition and imagination.

Any practice that enhances your intuition and imagination is gonna do wonders for opening your sixth chakra. In my opinion, the most important first step that you can take in the direction of intuition is getting in touch with your feelings, and learning how to feel. We’re living in the emotional Dark Age right now. Most people are so dissociated from their body that they can't feel the sensations that arrive in their body and here’s the thing If you are gonna be pulling energy from other places in the universe, pulling information, it still gonna translate through your body. So perceiving things that exist beyond the third-dimensional reality is still gonna be translated through your physical body as a sensation. And if you can’t feel, if you are dissociated from your feelings if you’re desensitized from your feelings It’s gonna be a lot quieter of a message or you’re gonna miss the message entirely.


Now creating can be anything it can be as simple as creating art. When you’re in the process of creating you are not inhibiting yourself in any way. Your channels are completely open, not only that you have to use your imagination. Now when we progress through our life experiences people love to shut down our imagination. Children are naturally born with wicked imaginations. Because we don’t differentiate between what we imagine and what we can create to be real but when we start to define that for kids and we say "that’s just your imagination" and that’s what’s real, people let go of their imagination, they let go of their capacity to create with their mind. Now, most of this information that is gonna be coming to you, especially in the mind's eye, to begin with, is going to stretch your imagination. You’re gonna feel like you're imagining it right? But if you have a limited imagination you’re not gonna actually going to even be able to stretch far enough to receive many of these messages, that are being given to you from outside of our time-space reality. Your mind actually will be so limited that it can’t actually conceive it. In other words, if you can’t be imaginative the mind’s eye is so limited it will not be able to accommodate those images, that exist beyond normal sight. It would be like fitting an ocean through a straw.

Get away from or limit your exposure to electric fields and magnetic fields.

Unless you’re using them intentionally. This includes your cell phone, this includes your computer, this includes electric wires. The frequency that is being emitted from this including radiation sources, affects your sixth chakra the most. It affects all the chakra's systems but really affects that system.

Get sleep.

I know this is easier said than done for many of us but this chakra depends upon getting good sleep. So many things that apply to our sense of awareness in life are actually the result of our sleeping process. So when you’re doing this, committing to getting enough sleep and making sure you’re not staying up when you’re not supposed to be staying up It’s important to get sleep in conjunction with your own circadian rhythms and if you’re in a really healthy state circadian rhythms you’re going to naturally mirror or mimic the overall cycles of the earth you are living on, the stars, day and night.

Star gazing.

For some of you, this star gazing is gonna progress to Sun gazing Why? because the Sun is a star. Star gazing is to your third eye chakra what a bottle cleaner is to a bottle. it basically flushes the channel that has clogged up that energy flow, that naturally comes in through that chakra. It forces entrainment with those frequencies that transcend human perceptual limitations as well.


Silence is incredibly good, especially for your crown chakra and your third eye chakra. Silence is to the third eye chakra or your sixth chakra as fasting is to your sixth chakra. It is a way of clearing the space and information inundating the chakra system and senses so as to make space for us to simply be in a simple witness state of aware presence. This enhances our awareness and leads to clarity. Many of the sages of the old world went into periods of silence for this very reason. It creates not only deeper internal peace but also deep inner listening which leads to awareness

Expose yourself to sunlight on a daily basis.

Now when it comes to the skin, it’s best to expose the skin to direct sunlight for a certain amount of time. I’m not talking go cook yourself but allow yourself to really absorb the energy of your primary star which is called the sun. And when it comes to the eyes, some of you will try Sun gazing but indirect sunlight is okay. The thing is don’t wear sunglasses It does incredible things for your ‘ sixth chakra to take those sunglasses off and let sunlight penetrate through the pupils of your eye. Not only does allowing sunlight, in this way, affect just the chakra but it really affects all the glands associated with the chakra.

Sound stimulation.

When it comes to toning, the best for this chakra tends to be "shammm" also "ohmmm" and "thooow". Now, play around with the pitch so if I’m doing sham I go (voice up and down) to find whatever frequency vibrates this area of my body and then if you’re doing toning you hold it. Figure out and play with which one of these sounds works the best for you. You can also find binaural beats or different harmonics on the internet designed specifically for this chakra and you can also expose yourself to crystal singing bowls, designed for this chakra. That being said the heart chakra is really responsive to music in general so is this chakra. This chakra is all about awareness and listening to all kinds of different types of music tends to stimulate this area of your body incredibly. Because each time it listens to a new tone or a new lyric, it’s gaining awareness of a whole new perspective.


The third eye chakra can be stimulated by the colour indigo and by surrounding yourself with that colour and wearing that colour. However, what’s a little interesting about this chakra is that is the most stimulated by a multitude of different colours. This chakra loves the concept of the rainbow. It likes a bit of everything at once. This means being in environments with all different vibrant colour varieties, eating a meal that includes all the colours in the spectrum, and decorating your surroundings to be a riot of colour instead of monotone.


So now that I’m going to talk to you about diet because the diet is important for all of your body, right but it's so important, so important for your third eye chakra it's insane and it's one of the primary reasons why you see people who identify themselves as super-spiritual or seers, having such a strict regiment when it comes to what they consume. If you want to enhance your third eye chakra you’re gonna have to eat a vegan diet. Do not eat any processed foods or pesticides, and no refined sugar including alcohol, which is in fact treated similarly in the body to sugar. Do not take calcium supplements or foods with calcium carbonate. If you feel you need calcium, take it in the form of sesame seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, spinach, kale and broccoli. Limit consumption of fluoride. This includes not using fluoride toothpaste and not drinking water or eating things with fluoride in it. Chlorine or Bromide also have to be avoided. The denser that food is and the more grounding it is the more it’s going to polarize or oppose this chakra. This is why so often when you see people go on these journeys where they want to use their third eye to increase their awareness in some way. They will severely limit or restrict whatever it is that they are eating. They want to only go for foods that are very light that don’t create a grounding in the body so that they can get out of their body, so as to gain this type of awareness. This is why fasting is so incredibly good for this chakra Here are some other things that you want to include if you want a super open 3rd eye. Apple cider vinegar, foods that are rich in iodine like seaweed, goji berries, ginseng, ginkgo Biloba, Gotu kola, cranberries, green beans, spirulina, chlorella and prunes. Eat foods that are naturally high in magnesium, not magnesium phosphate also eat tamarind fruit, raw cacao, coconut oil, lavender, blueberries, eyebright tea, calendula tea, elderberry, rosemary and parsley. The more natural a product or thing is when you take it in the better it will be for your sixth chakra and the easier will be for the energy to flow in and out of this centre of your body I also want to make a real serious point you don’t want to eat out of plastics or drink out of them and never touch a microwave.


Nothing responds to fasting quite like your third eye chakra Here’s why, When you’re fasting you’re not inundating your body with anything that grounds it to the physical dimension. So it becomes much easier for you to access awareness that is outside the physical dimension. That being said Really really important to not use fasting in an unhealthy way and so many people especially those that identify themselves as spiritual use fasting as a way to escape instead of to deliberately find certain information. Most people who are spiritual resist the physical dimension. Fasting is not to be used as a form of escapism. In other words don’t use fasting so as to dissociate from your body or from your lower chakras, which is easily done. But that being said there is a reason why fasting is used as a method of creating greater spiritual awareness across cultures.

Essential oils.

Use essential oils to help this chakra come into a state of alignment and to stimulate it. I’m gonna give you a list of a few that enhance your third eye. Elderberry seed oil, almond blossom, pine, jasmine, juniper, monkshood- be careful with that one, lupine, hyacinths, palo santo, manuka, nutmeg, china aster, rosewood, frankincense, myrrh, most all of the fruit essential oils, vanilla, galbanum, carrot seeds, sandalwood, angelica, clary sage and bay laurel.

Alternative Medicine.

It is of course always your personal choice and you have to be very aware of the legality of such a decision, based on what area of the globe you live in. But shamanic medicines are designed specifically to open this chakra. Obviously shamanic medicines affect all of the energy systems as well. So, it's not like they are just isolated to this, but they affect the 3rd eye chakra. So much that they have been used for thousands and thousands of years to increase our awareness and our perspective and our intuition. So what we’re talking about is things like ayahuasca, Iboga, psilocybin mushrooms and peyote, just to name a few. These crash through the blockages that are preventing your third eye from opening in a way that some people cannot handle. So I have to issue a bit of a warning even though these medicines are amazing and have been used for thousands of years and I have seen them do incredible things myself. Many people cannot integrate awareness when they aren’t ready for it. So what they do basically is they force this chakra open and when most people their individual perspectives haven’t increased the frequency yet where they are capable of stretching their perspective in that way and then translating that perspective back into their physical reality, people can actually quite easily slip into a state of psychosis. So remember when I told you that when something is out of alignment you tend to have all of these negative associations with the third eye chakra, right So let’s say that you don't have a super-developed root chakra and you go and do one of these medicines and it opens you so wide you may see some of this side effects, that I’ve listed before, things like hallucinations, things like paranoia, even suicidality can happen as a result. So it’s important for you to know that even though it’s an incredible tool for breaking through barriers, it also has some potential risks.

Bring certain mineral spirits into your life.

These stimulate and enhance your chakras. Moonstone, Tanzanite, Opalite, Iolite, Indigo, Kyanite, Danburite, Diamond, blue and purple Fluorite, Alexandrite, Labradorite, Moldavite, Petalite, Azurite, Sapphire and specific Sodalite stones. As always when you’re picking up mineral entities to share your life with it’s best to let your intuition guide you towards them. We tend to get locked into the idea that certain stones affect certain parts of the body but it can be completely surprising. A stone that wouldn’t be associated with a specific chakra for example might actually stimulate that chakra for whatever reason. So when you’re around looking for these mineral spirits let your intuition guide you more than your knowledge about what a specific stone should or shouldn’t do.

By intentionally doing things that enable your third eye chakra to open more and more and come more and more into alignment you will be setting yourself up for a path of awareness and awakening. A path where you are able to expand your own perspectives to such a degree, that you are able to end the polarity that has caused so much suffering on this life on earth for thousands upon thousands of years. You will be setting yourself up for a life that is guided by intuition a life that is also guided by creativity which will land you directly on the path of your purpose, a path of complete possibilities and creation. And all in your life will benefit as a result of it.

Light and Love

Reiki Master Stefano

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