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Sahasrara - Crown Chakra Details and Tips

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Prerequisites to fully understand this post: Knowing what chakras are, please read the blog The 7 chakras first if you are new to the argument.

Name: Crown

Sanskrit: Sahasrara

Element: Light

Energy type: Spiritual energy

Sound: No mantra is associated with this chakra, as it is brought back to silence and mystical listening. The musical note is SI or B.

Symbolic animal: The enlightened serpent, whose energies have been transformed to reach the spiritual level.

Metal: Philosopher's Stone

Colour: Violet.

Complementary colours: white, colourless transparency, gold.

Endocrine gland: Epiphysis

Phrases and keywords: "I transcend it". Sense of infinity, transcendence, mysticism, philosophy, multidimensionality, abandonment of the Self. Centre of unification of spiritual activities. Wisdom, bliss, enlightenment. Union with the Absolute, ecstasy. Ability to perform miracles. Meeting of macrocosm and microcosm. Since it is related to any type of religion, this vortex is associated with cosmic consciousness (the akasha of the Orientals) and with divine energy. Also called the "thousand-petalled lotus", it is connected to the 3rd chakra.

Linked physical organs: Right eye, brain, skullcap, central nervous system.

Physical correlations: Eye problems (also check the 6th chakra). Disorders of the brain and central nervous system. Imbalances of the epiphysis.

Psycho-emotional correlation: Fears of unknown origin, inner darkness. Sense of alienation, loss of identity. Lack of the spiritual dimension; lack of flexibility in the philosophical or religious sphere, and bigotry.

Body positioning: On the top of the head, at the point of the fontanel. The remedies must be placed on a support of natural material a few centimetres from the skull.

Characteristic: The energy centre of the crown is also unique, and it points from the head towards the sky. Through it, global concepts are received that transcend each of the senses controlled by the other chakras, however, the knowledge of the "thousand-petalled lotus" is partial, being its vibration very high and therefore, in some respects, out of human understanding. The therapy of this chakra works at the Karmic level, promoting the dissolution of karmic debts and accelerating the enjoyment of credits that fall within the individual karma. Here, as well as in the 7th level of the aura, the previous lives of the individual are inscribed.

Crystals: Fire agate, lepidolite, amethyst quartz, hyaline quartz with black tourmaline, black tourmaline, clear quartz, labradorite, and selenite.

Essential Oils: Frankincense, lavender, rosewood, myrrh, sandalwood.

Bach flowers: Aspen, Hornbeam, Mimulus, Sweet Chestnut.


The Crown chakra is located on the crown of your head. Take your thumbs place them in the tops of your ears, then take your index fingers above your head to where they touch and then push them straight down to where they meet your head. That is where your crown chakra is located.

The Crown is the chakra most associated with our spiritual connection. It is also associated with the conscious connection t fine o the source, the divine, it is seen as a bridge to the cosmos. When the Crown chakra is open and in alignment, its appearance can look a bit like a halo, which is in fact one reason why so many of the spiritual drawings done thousands of years ago and spiritually transcendent beings like angels and Saints show them with a halo. As a person progresses through the path of awareness, the energy coming through this chakra, and all the chakras, in fact, have a tendency to change colour from a deep violet-purple to white light. The Crown chakra is the centre of consciousness highest potential, intuitive knowing, integration of the whole, the opportunity to become a living embodiment of your higher self, the achievement of living enlightenment, the present moment, meaning the bigger picture, the devotion, trust, inspiration, the absence of ego, oneness and unity to name a few. Even though all chakras can be seen as a doorway for source energy to come into the physical life, the Crown chakra is the doorway for our conscious and eternal knowing to come into physical waves.

When a chakra is out of alignment, meaning that it is not letting life force in because it is in unbalanced in some way, this creates an imbalance in the whole system. When a chakra is out of alignment, it usually appears smaller than it's supposed to, this is when we say that a chakra is closed. it doesn't admit as much energy and it doesn't absorb as much energy. It also changes in colour, pattern, texture and sound. There are a great many things that could throw a chakra out of alignment, there are three primary things that throw the Crown chakra out of alignment, more so than anything else. The first is secular thinking, the second is disbelief or distrust in spirituality, source energy, for the Eternal Self and the third is betrayal. An unhealthy Crown chakra can lead to conditions like brain cancer, bone cancer, multiple sclerosis, apathy, epilepsy, chronic pain, glandular disorders, sleep dysfunction, lymph system disorders, nervous system disorders, migraines, coma, stroke, mental illness, loneliness, isolation, Alzheimer, dementia, Parkinson's, amnesia to name a few. Also, if your Crown chakra is out of alignment your biological rhythm will be thrown off.

Opening your Crown chakra will allow you to see the bigger picture. This is incredibly crucial if we're in a position where we are in a state of fear. When we are in a state of fear, or uncertainty, we can't see the bigger picture, we can't see the meaning behind it all and so we are in a state of blindness. Opening our Crown chakra gives us the opportunity to receive insights from higher dimensional reality. It also fills us with a sense of peace, it fills us with wisdom and it will make us feel at one with our lives and where we are, it will help us to understand others it will cause us to feel energized and inspired, it will dispel our confusion, it will allow us to reach our highest potential and will help us to trust ourselves in the universal large.

How to re-open/re-align your crown chakra


We visualise our Crown chakra opening. The dimensions that are outside the physical dimension, a great many of them, do not actually have a time-space aspect to their reality, which means thought=thing, there's no buffer time, it is instantaneous. That means to think of China and you are in China. As opposed to the physical time-space reality we live in, where you can think something and it may take some time the show up in your reality, to the degree that you may not even see the association between the thought and the thing. The chakra system influences the physical but multidimensional aspect of you, which is why they are invisible to most people. This means if you think of your crown chakra opening or visualise it opening it opens. The visualisation that I see works the very best for people with regards to opening the Crown chakra is when they visualise an opening that is deep and violet and colour, at the top of their head. They then extend that opening to be about a foot wide and then begin to spin it clockwise. As they spin it, they imagine drawing in Golden or white light energy from the universe through that funnel-like opening down into the body.


Meditation always opens your crown chakra any kind of stealing of the mind is going to assist you in being receptive to universal information which will come in through the Crown chakra. This meditation could be moving meditations, mindfulness-guided meditations, or meditation specifically for opening the Crown chakra, just search on the web and you will find many.


Seek out things that cause you to feel inspired. Inspiration is always your indication that your crown chakra is opening. That means listening to the music you find inspiring, what're the movies or the programs that you find inspiring, talking to people who you think inspiring, writing affirmations that you actually believe, and anything that inspires you will open your crown chakra.


Spend time in Silence. Even though the crown chakra is influenced heavily by sounds, of all the chakras it is the most influenced by silence.

Mess with your own thoughts.

This means to question your belief, and figure out how the opposite of what you think is true, might be true. You want to develop a mind as open as possible. Seek out radical new prospects. You want to develop a kind of willingness to consider that anything may be true, this kind of thought pattern will open your crown chakra.


Spend time outdoors, especially high up on mountain tops. The Crown chakra is particularly influenced by the atmosphere, Atmosphere influences our thoughts. Fresh air and sunlight in large panoramic views are seen from above in natural surroundings because people's thoughts come into a frequency that allows the Crown chakra to be open.

Practice appreciative notice.

This means you want to pay special attention and place your focus on things that cause you to feel gratitude, things you like looking at. Doing this causes your frequency to entangle to your perspective, it opens a channel through your body, starting with the Crown chakra, so source energy can run straight through your body. One way of doing this is to sit down and write a list of all the things that I feel appreciation for, in my current environment right here, right now.


Chanting is one such sound that tends to influence the Crown chakra a great deal. You can do chanting in the form of an actual chant or you can do it in the form of sounding. The sound that the Crown chakra responds the best to is the sound NG together, that sound opens the Crown chakra more than any others. The best way to open your crown chakra with sounding is to use that NG sound but play with the tone till you find the exact pitch that causes the top of your head, where your crown chakra is located, to buzz. Crystal balls and binaural sounds tons designed for the Crown chakra also cause the Crown chakra to open.

Mudras or hand positions.

Mudras or hand positions cause your meridians to come into alignment with whatever specific chakra you were trying to work on. A mudra for working with the Crown chakra looks like this, you place your hands together in a prayer position and you keep your pinky fingers touching while the other fingers are folded as you hold your fingers like this you changed. Extend the pinky fingers up towards the universe and away from you.

Head massages and headstands.

They also help the Crown chakra to open. Is not the actual physical manipulation of your body that is doing it. It is the fact that massaging or standing on your head, you bring your conscious attention to that area of yourself, and helping the blood flow and the sensation of it, you are releasing mental tension, that is prohibiting energy to enter the Crown chakra so that energy can flow in.


Surround yourself with things that vibrate like the frequency with the Crown chakra. This will help the Crown chakra to come into a state of alignment, which for most people means to become open. Some things that vibrate at the frequency of the Crown chakra: The colour violet-purple, Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, all clear stones, Apophyllite, Danburite, Frankincense, Myrrh, Lotus, Sage, Juniper, Lavender, Amber, Copal, purple cabbage and Red Mimosa Flower.

Spiritual medicines.

Spiritual medicines that contain DMT open your crown chakra. I rather teach people how to open the Crown chakra through a more conscious approach means that you don't need anything external to yourself to achieve that state of openness to the spiritual dimensions outside of this one. You might feel called to use these Spiritual medicines. If that's the case trust your intuition and what you feel is right for you.

Acts of love.

Love towards yourself, or anyone else, opens up the Crown chakra. The best way to do this for yourself is to write a list of all the ways that you are lovable. Dedicate time each day to self-love in whatever way we feel called to do it most. Do acts of kindness towards others, this connects us with each other’s, just like food for our chakra, which is all about oneness. Do something nice for somebody and after you do it, close your eyes and focus on how you feel. You will notice that you have an expansive feeling, it's almost like you feel better about the world, and you start feeling inspired, that is your indication that a particular act has opened your Crown chakra.


Fasting affects the Crown chakra immensely, it helps it to open. You have to do your fasting in a healthy way though. That means you have to prepare your body for the fast, you have to monitor your body during the fast and you have to wean after the fast gradually instead of in an extreme way. You can try a 6-hour to 12-hour fasting only. You will notice that when most people get into a state of despair, state of pain, or state of confusion, they will naturally lose their appetite. They are naturally fast. The same thing goes on for animals that are in a state of illness. What this allows the body to do is reset, it also causes your body to go into a state where the energy that is primarily feeding ourselves with is energy that is brought forth from the cosmos itself, coming in through the Crown chakra. Your crown chakra opens when you fast. As a result of the Crown chakra opening in this way, we have greater access to insight, clarity and solutions. This is why of course, people who are in a state of illness will benefit by going into that kind of state. This is also while fasting has been a spiritual practice in so many spiritual traditions for so many thousands of years.


These stimulate and enhance your crown chakra. Opalite, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Moonstone, Labradorite, Angelite, Spirit Quartz, Celestite, Tanzanite, Aqua Aura Quartz, and more.

We have to remember that we are not just a body made of flesh and bones, we're also made up of energy and the healthier the flow of that particular energy the healthier our life experience will be and the better it will feel to us.

Try out these tips and open up your perspective to a more comprehensive one and to the one which is more transcendental!

Light and Love

Reiki Master Stefano

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