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Vishuddha - Throat Chakra Details and Tips

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Prerequisites to fully understand this post: Knowing what chakras are, please read the blog The 7 chakras first if you are new to the argument.

Name: Throat

Sanskrit: Vishuddha

Element: Ether

Energy type: Energy of sound vibration

Sound: The mantra HAM and the musical note SOL or G

Symbolic animal: Elephant

Metal: Mercury

Colour: a light blue.

Complementary colour: blue

Endocrine gland: Thyroid, parathyroid.

Phrases and keywords: "I communicate it". Personal truth, communication, verbal sharing, and listening. Self-expression, the ability to pass on what one knows to others. Prayer. Music, singing. Policy. Professional rise, relationships and situations that affect the workplace. Taking responsibility. Power of sound and speech. Being the centre of communication in all its forms, the 5th chakra is also associated with the faculty of receiving and creativity of any kind: artistic, literary, musical (for artistic creativity and for aesthetics, in particular, we must also consider the 2nd vortex). It is connected to the 1st chakra.

Linked physical organs: Respiratory system: bronchi and lungs. Throat, pharynx, larynx, and the upper part of the trachea. Ears. Nuca. Mouth, teeth. The chakra also controls the lymph glands.

Physical correlations: Respiratory disorders: bronchitis, asthma, cold. Sore throat, cough, pharyngitis, laryngitis. Ear disorders, labyrinthitis. Mouth and teeth problems. Thyroid imbalances.

Psycho-emotional correlation: Difficulty in communication and verbal expression. The knot in the throat. Inability to express one's truths and creativity, fear of not being understood and not liked. Tendency to avoid interpersonal contact by withdrawing into one's pride so as not to suffer rejection from others. Tendency to lie.

Body positioning: Anterior chakra: on Adam's apple in men, on the corresponding crease of the neck in women. To position the remedies the chakra can be reached from the dimple at the base of the neck. Back chakra: lower part of the nape.

Front aspect: It concerns expression and communication, but also the ability to take responsibility for one's actions and beliefs. Since it is a very yang energy centre (anterior chakra of odd number), this vortex performs functions of a masculine type, is active and is connected to the fears of "throwing out" what one has inside: the malfunctioning of this chakra can indicate the fear of suffering the criticisms of others without knowing how to face them and without being able to react with diplomacy. The inability to come into contact with others through communication is therefore also reflected in the disharmonies of this vortex. It is extremely important in creative activities, oratory, singing, teaching and in all those occupations in which personal truths and values must be manifested externally. The condition of this chakra informs us of the ability to let others know what we know, in addition to our values and our personality. Regarding the profession and the work environment, the anterior aspect of the laryngeal plexus reveals the way in which others see us, how we present ourselves, the impression that we keep silent and the possibilities we have of being appreciated; finally, he points out the nature of relations with colleagues and the desire to improve professionally.

Posterior aspect: It reflects the ability to receive. The relationship of the posterior aspect with the professional field, with the work environment and with colleagues shows tendencies of a more receptive type: we will therefore refer to this chakra to study the image that the person has of himself, safety or insecurity in knowing how to carry out one's profession, and also the satisfaction that one derives from it. In the presence of disharmonic motion, we can trace the pride with which the subject tries to mask the lack of self-esteem in professional matters, which can lead to victimization; moreover, we can trace the fear of failure in this vortex. Through Vishuddha chakra thoughts, ideas and concepts coming from other individuals, from other dimensions, and from other aspects of being are assimilated: therefore the modalities and quality of learning refer to the 5th posterior chakras, as well as certain types of contact with the spirit guides (verbal channelling). all the notions that the individual learns, penetrate through the posterior 5th chakras to then move on to the anterior aspect (verbal and conscious), where the subject accepts the advice he deems appropriate and eliminates those unsuitable. The 5th posterior chakra, therefore, symbolizes the forge in which, by introducing material produced by others, one's own truths are forged, which the anterior chakra then releases to the outside. If this chakra is weak, the person could be influenced by the opinions of others without being able to carefully evaluate them; on the contrary, if the chakra is strong, it will be able to count on the ability to open with discernment to the information coming from outside. The therapy of this chakra is fundamental in the case of subjects who are affected by the negative influences of external entities.

Crystals: Fire agate, blue chalcedony, chrysocolla, lapis lazuli, smoky quartz, hyaline quartz with black tourmaline, rose quartz, sodalite, black tourmaline, Angelite, amazonite, blue calcite, blue quartz.

Essential Oils: Benzoin, bergamot, cypress, eucalyptus, sweet fennel, myrtle, sage.

Bach flowers: Chicory, Clematis, Heather, Holly, Impatiens, Mustard, Scleranthus, Vervain, White Chestnut, Willow.


The Visuddha - Throat Chakra is located on your neck area, in the hallowed place formed where the collar bones meet. The throat chakra is associated with the blue colour and is also associated with the element of ether. All sound produces ether, and sometimes the Throat Chakra is stated as being associated with the element of “sound” because of this.

The throat chakra is associated with the centre of purity, it's also the chakra of purification. That's why so many of the systems of the body that is associated deals specifically with purification. It governs the lymph system, the throat, the pituitary gland, the thyroid, the parathyroid, ears, nose, jaw, neck, mouth, tongue and shoulders.

When the throat chakra is out of alignment you will see problems developing these aspects of the body, on an emotional level you may feel social anxiety, maybe like you’ve lost faith, shyness, shame, you may feel poisoned or something like desperate like you’re drowning or choking. You may feel inhibited like you can’t express yourself, you’ll feel like you’re not inspired to create, you feel paralyzed, maybe terrified to speak, like you’re bursting from the inside out, like a pressure cooker, like you’re holding back.

Ether, the fifth element, the throat chakra is all about truth. Purity and truth are like twins vibrationally, they both involve the removal of contentment. The throat chakra is about the discovery of your own purity and your own unique truth and then, once you’ve discovered it, it’s about the expression of it. For the throat chakra to be in a state of health, you have got to not only find but own your own individuality.

The Throat Chakra governs the thinking and sharing of truth, it relies on inspiration. It is the chakra that governs listening, communication, personal integrity and personal honour.

What causes this chakra to go out of alignment?

First and foremost, not thinking, speaking and living in alignment with your own personal inner truth. Second, other people not seeing, hear, or acknowledge your internal truth and see it as valid. This especially involves not being listened to and not being heard, now also gossiping and complaining can cause the throat Chakra to come out of alignment. It’s because in the act of complaining, you’re not going with your personal integrity and personal traits. Because you acknowledge from the inside that there’s something you’re really unhappy about, something you want to have changed and yet you don’t do anything to change it.

Contradiction and negative thinking, especially doubt, is a stronger antagonist for the throat chakra. So doing things because you have to do so instead of because you want to. If you do something just dishonest or in contradiction to your own conscious your throat chakra will reflect that immediately. Chronic negativity, especially in the form of negative thinking,

makes especially the throat chakra out of alignment. You need to look at chronic negativity as toxicity, it’s not an expression process that enables you to bleed yourself clean, and then you’re purer, it’s more like a poison that you’re drinking and putting into your body every day and you’re body loses the capacity to filter.

How to re-open/re-align your throat chakra

What is preventing the throat Chakra from being open?

You have got to figure out what is preventing the throat Chakra from being open. Now in a natural state of health, there is nothing getting in the way, it would be open, so it’s about what’s preventing it. Close your eyes and get really clear about what it is that is preventing you from being in alignment with your own truth, with purity, with your only personal integrity and with your own conscious. You can do this by asking questions to see what answers are right. Ask yourself. What is poisoning me? How am I poisoning myself? What is keeping me from being able to be myself? Why can’t I speak? Who isn’t hearing me? What am I not hearing? What would be so scary about knowing or hearing or admitting to the truth? What would be so scary about being original? What is preventing me from communicating? How am I not speaking and acting in accordance with my personal integrity and conscience? Why am I not feeling inspired to create?

Intuitive exercise.

Just do an intuitive exercise to understand the state of your own throat chakra. To do this, close your eyes and imagine that your throat chakra, or if that’s too abstract for you, your throat in general, was like a being that lives within you instead of being you. What would this aspect of you look like? What does it feel like? Do you see a colour associated with it? Do you see a texture? How do you feel in the presence of that being? Now, see if any images arise and begin to question to understand what you’re seeing. What does it tell you? What can you do to improve its current state?


The throat chakra is the chakra most associated with sound, this means you can use sound therapy no stop to open up your throat chakra. What does that mean? It means to sing, sing your heart out in the shower, sing a song, it means tone, it means to listen to singing Bowls or even a frequency created specifically to open the throat chakra. The sound of Ham is the sound that is directly correlated to the throat. Sometimes good old-fashioned screaming even if it’s into a pillow is just what you need to open your throat.


Incorporate the colour blue into your life. Blue's the colour that is the most associated with the throat chakra, it’s the one that’s going to stimulate the most. That means wearing this colour, painting your walls with this colour and operating this colour into things that you’re painting anyway. You can think of incorporating the colour blue into your life and spend time around it, with it, it will do you some good. For those of you that are more esoteric, you can close your eyes and you can literally imagine your entire body flooding with whatever blue colour you feel your body needs.


Do Yoga poses which open your throat chakra. Some of the best are as simple as nestle, seated cat and cow and fish pose. Also, try breathing techniques in association with the yoga poses.


Use stones that are associated with the throat chakra. Turquoise, Blue Lace agate, Danburite, Sodalite, Blue Topaz, Aqua Aura, Apatite, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Kyanite and Chrysocolla, Angelite (crystals in the picture below follow the same order as listed). The best way to select the right crystal is for you to go into a shop that’s selling minerals, it’s always way better if you walk in with an intention of allowing your throat chakra to guide you towards whatever stone he wants nearest. Always follow your intuition, which one is the one that guides you towards the stone which will help you the most?

Herbal remedy.

There are plant beings to help you to open your throat chakra. Now, this could be in whatever form you want to do it. You can use these plants in teas, you can use them in essential oils, and you can use them in lotions. It doesn’t matter how you use them, you can incorporate them into your life. Eucalyptus, coriander, fenugreek, borage, peppermint, red clover, lemon balm, onions, Lobelia, elder, especially the berries of this plant, Echinacea and Frankincense.


As far as numerology is concerned, the number 16 is the number that is associated with your throat chakra. It means incorporating that number into your life. for example: let’s say that you decided that you’re going to use frankincense essential oil to open your throat Chakra, use 16 drops.


Speaking is the action associated with throat chakra very much. It could mean either learning to speak in the first place or learning to speak in a way that is in alignment with your authentic truth. Chances are that once you know your truth, you fall to one side of the section or the other. Either you don’t express yourself at all or the way you express yourself is so incredibly aggressive that people shut down on you. If you were the kind of person who doesn’t say what you’re thinking in the first place, doesn’t speak your truth, speak your truth! If you’re the kind of person who’s on the other side of the spectrum, you need to learn a different way of communicating. Before you say what you are saying practice conscious communication by asking yourself "is what I am about to say the truth?". Then ask yourself "is it necessary to say this thing and if so why?". Then ask yourself "is what I’m about to say hurtful or harmful?". If the answer is yes, ask yourself "what are you hoping to cause by saying this thing that is hurtful?". That desired response represents a want or needs that is unmet within you. Then you can express that purpose in a way that is more compassionate or instead expresses the truthful need you are trying to have met by saying that hurtful thing.

Yawn and laugh.

Both yawning and laughing open your throat chakra, so laughing, that’s pretty obvious, spend time around a funny friend, watch funny videos, and orient yourself towards things that make you laugh. When it comes to yawning, you can try to force yourself to yawn and that will actually open up your throat chakra


It doesn’t matter whether this is spoken or whether it is just an expression that takes place in the form of writing, if you are journaling, you are writing down your authentic inner truth. It is one of the best tools you can use for unblocking the throat chakra. In truth, how many of us survive in families that don’t hear us, see us or understand us?

Positive focus and positive expression exercises.

As I said earlier one of the biggest impediments to throat chakra is the chronic negative focus, and negative thinking, especially in the realm of doubt. So one of the best things you can do is to do positive aspects lists. It can be anything big or small. What is it that I like about the room that I’m sitting in? What did I like about today? something I did? Was that what I liked about memories? You just want to think about something you do like instead of that you don’t like. Practice speaking positively to compliments or expressing positive phrasal of things in your awareness. If you’re one of these people who hears negatives, you know you think negatively about the road, you don’t feel good about the road and you know it’s poisoning. You are from the inside and yet when I just said this, you saw this is pretty much the worst thing ever, you couldn’t force me to do anything worse than focus positively right now, and I’m gonna tell you the truth about where you are. You’re in a happy space in life, or you’re in a hell of a lot of pain and you are desperate for people around you to see it and to hear it, and you don’t think they are. And so, by chronically focusing on the negatives, by actually aligning more with the truth that you are that way, you’re trying to get people to see it. But I want to encourage you to be a lot more direct with your needs and to literally say, instead of drowning in negativity, I’m in a hell of a lot of pain right now, and I need you guys to see it.

Change your life.

You’ve got to change your life as it applies to people in your life. Because you’re not going to be able to be the true expression of yourself when you’re surrounded by people who won't accept the truth, the authentic expression of your inner truth. This means, purifying your social groups in order to surround yourself with people who are willing to be able to hear you, see you, understand you and see that inner truth as important and valid, regardless of whether or not have a different perspective. If the people around you refuse to do this they are not actually friends and they are not actually family. They’re in a relationship with an idea, you are a character in their reality not a unique being with your own reality in another self.


This may seem like a contradiction use the centre of expression, however, you will find that often the only way to silence all the chatter in the chaos, which is toxicity, within yourself is to go completely silent, to turn your attention to your internal world within that silence and to allow the mud to settle so that you can see your authentic truth. This may mean meditating every day, it may mean committing to one day where you’re silent the whole day, it may mean being completely alone for a period of time, and it may mean a silent retreat. Use silence as a tool for getting down to the purity through the champ.

Fasting and detoxing.

The throat chakra is the centre of purification, there is no other chakra that responds faster than the throat chakra for fastening and detoxing, so what I encourage you to do is to think about or let yourself be drawn to what type of fasts or what type of detoxing resonates most with you believing that that detox, that fast will help you to find your inner truth and then commit to doing this.

While deliberately taking steps that open your throat chakra, what you are opening up to is a life where your life itself is authentic and a cool reflection of your inner truth.

Light and Love

Reiki Master Stefano

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