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About Me - Stefano P.

My Reiki Practice Philosophy

I didn't seek out Reiki; instead, Reiki found me.

As I started to feel unfulfilled with my life and realized I wasn't doing anything that brought me happiness, I quickly understood that I needed to make a change to focus on giving rather than always receiving.

Reiki came into my life, and I was immediately drawn to it. It felt like the beginning of a new journey.

Reiki is about bringing harmony and peace to our inner world of emotions and mental attitudes. It also helps us express our true selves more effectively.

"Reiki is an infinite power, always existed, always available to help us"

- Stefano Pipoletto

My Story in Short

Thank you for being here. Today, I am sharing my story more intimately than ever before.

This is a significant step to align my being with my practice and fully dedicate myself to helping others.

My youth was marked by constant changes. After my parents' divorce, I moved 50 km from my hometown and attended several schools until university. I spent most of my time alone or playing video games, living in the countryside on a small farm.

As I grew older, I found a group of friends and felt more at ease. However, my interests evolved, and I chose to move to London for new opportunities.

Arriving in London at 21, I faced challenges such as the language barrier and the pressure of working in the hospitality industry. This experience shaped me, and despite professional success, I felt something was missing in my life.

My spiritual journey began after a period of depression. I met someone who introduced me to the power of a positive mind and the law of attraction. Since then, I have trained my mind to create the reality I desire.

During this time, my father was battling brain cancer. This prompted me to seek alternative therapies, including Reiki. In the final days of my father's life, I used Reiki to provide him with comfort and peace.

This experience led me to pursue Reiki as a way to help others. After my father's passing, I decided to dedicate myself to Reiki and trained with Master Punnu Wasu Singh.

Since then, I have established my Reiki practice and travelled to learn other disciplines such as yoga and tantric massage. My practice focuses on helping people in challenging situations by offering them serenity and well-being.

My journey has prompted me to reflect on my life and choose a more authentic path. Today, I offer Reiki sessions and other spiritual practices to support those in need.

Thank you for being here, and I hope you can benefit from my experiences and work.

Light and Love


My Reiki lineage

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