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Pendulums, How do they work?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Learn to read the chakras and more with a pendulum

Knowing how to read the condition of the chakras in-depth with an easy-to-use tool, such as the pendulum, means understanding something more about ourselves, both physically and emotionally and psychologically.

To check in a person which chakras are out of harmony and need treatment, the simplest method is to use the pendulum. The pendulum must be of natural material, pointed and symmetrical with respect to the central axis; as regards the length of the thread or chain on which it is hung, it is generally recommended about 10-12 centimetres (if the thread is too long the instrument is slow in oscillations), however, this measure can be increased or decreased according to preferences of those who use it, since it is still a personal tool to be calibrated with one's own sensitivity. It is necessary to verify its compatibility with the subject who will use it: in this regard we will have to listen for a while, freeing the mind from any other thought and, concentrating on the pendulum itself, try to perceive what impression the instrument makes on you, so as to understand if it can be in tune with you. Holding the pendulum with your dominant hand, suspend it on the open palm of the other hand, create a mental vacuum, and then ask yourself if it is congenial to you: from the ease of starting the rotation or a linear oscillation (horizontal or vertical) you can have an indication on the compatibility of the instrument with you.

As we have said, before using the pendulum it is important to create a mental vacuum, freeing the mind from any expectation about the outcome of the test, and avoiding the influence that the rational side of consciousness could exert by pushing us to want to obtain a type of oscillation. rather than another: we must mentally keep ourselves neutralized about the condition of the chakra we are testing.

The response code of the pendulum is personal: the oscillations or rotations corresponding to "yes" and "no" vary from operator to operator, therefore first of all it is advisable to practice by asking the instrument questions that you know with certainty that the answer is "yes" and questions that can only be answered "no" (for example, your name, place of birth, age, and similar topics). After a series of exercises of this type it will be possible to establish with certainty what are your personal answer codes in the affirmative and in the negative sense, bearing in mind that the oscillations can only be four: clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, oscillation horizontal (i.e. parallel to the operator's body), vertical oscillation (i.e. perpendicular to the operator's body). Elliptical or diagonal oscillations are not taken into consideration: in case, the mental concentration is strengthened by repeating several times, firmly, to want to exclude the movements of the instrument not included in the four previously described.

In summary: the "yes" does not have to be indicated by a clockwise circle, it can also correspond to one of the other three movements; the same is true for the "no", which for some radiochemists is equivalent, for example, to an oscillation in a straight line (horizontal or vertical).

It is not necessary to hold the pendulum close to the chakra to be investigated: you can also keep it at a distance and indicate the energy centre with the index finger of the other hand. The analysis of the chakras can be conducted with the person standing or sitting, rather than lying on the bed: remember that the important thing is not so much the position of the operator or that of the person to be tested, but rather the mental concentration and the will to obtain the answer, without expecting a precise answer: therefore, the condition of the chakras of a person not present in the room can also be verified, as long as one is able to gradually concentrate on each energy vortex in relation to the subject to be examined.

While waiting for the pendulum to start moving, keep concentrating on the chakra in question and repeat mentally or aloud a phrase such as: "What is the condition of this chakra? I await the answer". If the operator does not establish a priori that he wants to investigate the state of a chakra in a certain level of the aura, the response of the pendulum will refer to that chakra as a whole, including one or more levels of the aura. This means that if the instrument signals a "yes" the chakra is harmonic, without problems; on the contrary, by obtaining a "no", the energy centre is referred to as disharmonious. In general, it is not important to investigate the problem relating to the chakra in question, or on which levels of the aura it manifests itself: the fundamental thing is to be able to resolve the imbalance. If however, one wishes to acquire further information, it is possible to ask subsequent questions to the pendulum also with the help of specific quadrants (i.e. with graphs, usually in the form of a circle divided into sectors, in which various answers are reported).

If the pendulum indicates that an energy vortex is inharmonious this means that this does not metabolize the energy of the universal field well: we can deduce that the psychological experiences and feelings related to that chakra are not balanced, therefore the person will be characterized, in that chakra area, from negative ideas and situations, which in the long run could create illnesses and psychophysical symptoms. When performing the analysis of the chakras, also remember to specify, mentally or aloud, that the constitutional reading of each energy centre is required, meaning by this term the typical, continuous, repeated condition of the person's chakras over time in relation to the constitution of the latter, that is, in relation to his way of being, to his personality. In fact, it is necessary to distinguish if we want to know the state of the vortices at the moment or the profound, constitutional condition, linked to the character and evolutionary problems of the subject. For example, we can find an anterior 4th chakra (related to the ability to love) which usually works well but which, when the test is carried out, suffers from a temporary imbalance attributable to a quarrel that took place shortly before, which left traces of heart frustration; therefore, it is advisable to specify, immediately before using the pendulum, if you want a reading of the situation in-depth or if, on the contrary, you want to check the current condition.

When reading the energy centres of another person, always remember to integrate the information received from the pendulum with an interview relating to the sensations and problems that that person complains about. It is also possible to perform the chakra reading on yourself without the help of another subject, but keep in mind that it is much more difficult to try to understand something about yourself rather than something about another person: you will therefore be more likely to not be objective and, therefore, it will be easier to influence the pendulum by making it oscillate that is not true.

To read for yourself the condition of your chakras, proceed as follows: standing in a quiet place, with your legs slightly apart and with your feet firmly on the floor, touching the point where each chakra is touched with your free hand from the pendulum. it is placed on the physical body (therefore for the posterior vortices the corresponding points on the back of the body must be touched); hold the pendulum in the other hand, suspending it in front of you so that you can see it clearly; create a mental vacuum, then concentrate on the sentence said above, which is "What is the condition of this chakra? I await the answer". After a while, the pendulum will begin to oscillate: observe it for a few moments in order to be sure of its answer and note the result on a sheet of paper. To be sure that the chakra is really in the condition indicated by the pendulum, it will be appropriate to repeat the reading a few consecutive times on different days.

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Light and Love

Reiki Master Stefano P.

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