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How to learn Reiki


The way to activate Reiki in your hand is through a process of attunement, which is carried out by a Reiki Master.

First Degree

First Degree is taught in one full or two half days and is structured to teach you how to treat yourself as well as another with Reiki energy. It includes the first fine-tuning amplification which is performed by the Reiki Master. The initiation activates and amplifies the student’s energy field allowing him to transmit the higher frequency Reiki energies. Instruction on hands-on is given for performing a treatment on oneself and others. A suggested list of possible emotional relations between physical ailments and their corresponding causes as seen from a metaphysical perspective is also given.

Second Degree - Family Care (requires First Degree)

This Second Degree incorporates the use of the Tibetan symbols Usui discovered. The class includes the direct use of the symbols for performing distant Reiki energy transmission for healing. These symbols produce remarkable results. Students deepen their confidence and intuitive skills during this one-day course. Instruction and practice sessions are conducted to allow each student to work at a deep inner-dimensional level. One more fine attunement is given allowing the student to work with the symbols and their formulations with more power. This course is perfect if you wish to deepen your knowledge and you are using Reiki for personal or close one's benefits.

Second Degree - Practitioner (requires Second Degree - Family Care)

Expand your Reiki giving, with this one-day course learn how to grow your Reiki practice and become a certified Practitioner.
Second Degree for practitioners will give you the tools and confidence to start your own Reiki practice and will allow you to expand your circle to many beings in need, giving you a great fulfilling feeling by knowing how many people you are helping. Over the karmic benefits, you can start having a financial return for your dedication to Reiki, maybe start doing it as a second job to round up, or even better, you could move to a full-time practictioner and completely turn your life around! 

Master's Degree - Practitioner (require Second Degree - Practitioner)

It is a two days course, the student is given Masters Attunement. He is taught Psychic surgery, working with crystal grids, Reading and feeling Aura, Pendulum dowsing, chakra cleansing & Beej Mantra, Master symbols, and Tibetan symbols. The course consists of Attunement techniques, Antahakarna symbols, and Usui symbols, Tibetan symbols.

Master's Degree - Teacher (require all previous courses)

In the last degree, you are initiated as a Reiki Master and you will then be able to teach and attune others to Reiki at all levels. Not many people take this path, out once they do, it is a pathway filled with growth and blessings. The fee for the Reiki Master’s degree is very high, and it is this fee that providers a large obstacle to overcome. It proves the worth of the Fourth Degree to the one aspiring to become a Master. After this degree one can attune all degrees.

I have never regretted my choice to become a Master and have been blessed in my life of service and dedication with the use of Reiki.

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