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Create stunning jewelry with our Genuine Natural Amethyst Grade A Loose Gemstone Strand. Each 8mm bead is perfect for jewellery making, crafting, and DIY projects. Known for its rich, deep purple hue and powerful metaphysical properties, amethyst is a stone of protection, purification, and spiritual growth. It enhances intuition, promotes calmness, and balances emotional and physical energies. Infused with Reiki energy, these beads not only add elegance to your creations but also bring positive vibrations and spiritual enrichment. Perfect for necklaces, bracelets, and other custom designs, our amethyst beads allow you to craft beautiful, meaningful jewellery that embodies both creativity and healing.


Metaphysical Properties:
Protection: Shields against negative energies and psychic attacks.
Purification: Cleanses the aura and helps in detoxifying the mind and body.
Spiritual Growth: Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness.
Calmness: Promotes a serene and peaceful state of mind.
Emotional Balance: Helps in balancing emotional highs and lows, providing stability.

Grade A Natural Amethyst Loose Gemstone Beads Strand - 8mm for Jewelry Making

PriceFrom £4.95
VAT Included
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