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Discover the power of grounding with our handcrafted Gemstone Bead Necklace, meticulously designed to reconnect you with the earth's stabilizing energies.


Each bead of this Grounding Necklace measures a soothing 8mm, strung together on elastic for both comfort and durability.


Hematite: Embrace balance and detoxification with Hematite, renowned for its grounding properties that resonate deeply with the ROOT chakra.

Mahogany Obsidian: Offering protection and eliminating blockages, Mahogany Obsidian brings grounding energy to the ROOT, SACRAL, and SOLAR PLEXUS chakras.

Red Jasper: Known for its nurturing and stabilizing qualities, Red Jasper anchors you to the present moment while enhancing the ROOT chakra's vitality.


Expertly crafted to enhance your spiritual journey, this Gemstone Bead Necklace features a blend of Red Jasper, Hematite, Mahogany Obsidian, and more, sourced for their natural beauty and metaphysical properties.


Whether you're seeking to find balance, dispel negativity, or simply reconnect with the earth, this necklace serves as a potent tool for grounding and protection.


Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones, our Grounding Necklace invites you to embark on a journey of inner stability and resilience.

Grounding Gemstone Necklace Bead 8mm Red Jasper Hematite Obsidian Mahogany

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    • A rose gold coloured brass bead charm is added to each item, which attracts negative energy towards the gemstones and will then transform it into positive.
    • The in-printed Seed of Life symbols on the brass bead has a deep spiritual meaning, the main shape which makes everything.
    • The initial on the Seed of Life indicates the genuine hand-crafting by Reiki Master Stefano P.
    • The crystals and gemstones beads are kept in my Reiki room and they get regular life force energy waves.
    • While crafting your item, I will use life force energy to charge it with positive vibes.
    • Receive instructions on how to use and information about your selected gemstones.
    • You can also customize your item and mix up any crystals and gemstones you wish, simply get in contact.
    • A free distance Life Force Energy Healing session which you can book when and if you wish.
    • Receive an SP-Life-energy box with an inner insert infused in essential oil corresponding to the main gemstone chakra, use it to recharge your gemstones
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