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Unleash your creativity and vitality with our handcrafted Creativity Gemstone Necklace, designed to ignite inspiration and balance within.


Choose your size, this necklace features vibrant 8mm round crystal beads in shades of energizing orange, perfectly suited for the Sacral Chakra.


Carnelian: Infused with the essence of creativity, physical vitality, and grounding energy, Carnelian resonates powerfully with the SACRAL chakra.

Red Aventurine: Enhance your creative flow and foster prosperity with Red Aventurine, harmonizing the ROOT and SACRAL chakras for balanced creativity.

Sunstone: Radiate happiness, harmony, and joy with Sunstone, uplifting the SACRAL and SOLAR PLEXUS chakras to amplify your creative endeavours.


Each gemstone bead in this Creativity Necklace is carefully selected for its natural beauty and metaphysical properties, ensuring a blend that inspires and empowers.


Whether worn for personal inspiration or gifted to someone special, this gemstone necklace serves as a reminder to embrace your creative spirit and manifest your desires with confidence.

Shipping: This product will be shipped out within 0-1 business days.


Item Packaging: Every item will be securely packaged in either an individual pouch or a branded box (excluding some items). For a personalized touch, I can include a message upon purchase. All packaging is crafted from reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable materials. Contact me for any further inquiries.


Photos: Utilizing macro photography, intricate details are highlighted, although the size of some items may be misrepresented. Please keep in mind that most of my gemstones and crystals are natural stones (unless stated otherwise) that come from the earth and therefore may show up in slightly different colours in pictures or have slight imperfections or inclusions.


UK, Britain seller, small local business, Italian Reiki master in London. All my crystals and gemstones selection is kept in the same room where I perform Reiki daily, they all get waves of healing energy daily. However, see the guide included in your parcel on how to connect with your new crystal friend!


Light & Love
Reiki Master Stefano P.
I offer a wide selection of holistic items and customized products, so please don't hesitate to inquire about specific gemstones or crystal accessories that are not currently available in my store.
***Crystal healing and other types of energy work are not to be considered a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, you should consult your doctor and make the complementary healing part of a complete healthcare program.***

Creativity Necklace 16 to 24 in - Orange 8mm Round Bead Sacral Chakra

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IVA inclusa
    • A rose gold coloured brass bead charm is added to each item, which attracts negative energy towards the gemstones and will then transform it into positive.
    • The in-printed Seed of Life symbols on the brass bead has a deep spiritual meaning, the main shape which makes everything.
    • The initial on the Seed of Life indicates the genuine hand-crafting by Reiki Master Stefano P.
    • The crystals and gemstones beads are kept in my Reiki room and they get regular life force energy waves.
    • While crafting your item, I will use life force energy to charge it with positive vibes.
    • Receive instructions on how to use and information about your selected gemstones.
    • You can also customize your item and mix up any crystals and gemstones you wish, simply get in contact.
    • A free distance Life Force Energy Healing session which you can book when and if you wish.
    • Receive an SP-Life-energy box with an inner insert infused in essential oil corresponding to the main gemstone chakra, use it to recharge your gemstones
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