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Snowflakes Obsidian Necklace, Gemstone Bead 8mm. It can be done in any size between 14 and 24 inches. These amazing protective snowflakes obsidian beads make this necklace so powerful that makes it an amazing gift for him, boyfriend, or father, but also a perfect gift for girlfriends, wives, and mothers! The shades of the Snowflake Obsidian and sizes choices make this a universal and unisex perfect gift! But don't forget, it could be also a perfect gift for yourself!

Obsidian Snowflake: Balance, Centering, Support - ROOT & SACRAL chakras



I can also source items, so feel free to ask if you are interested in any crystals or accessories that you do not see in my store

Snowflakes Obsidian Gemstone Necklace 14 to 24 in - 8mm Round Bead

PriceFrom £16.00
VAT Included
  •  - A rose gold coloured brass bead charm is added to each bracelet, which attracts negative energy towards the gemstones, which will then transform it into positive.

    - The in-printed Seed of Life symbols on the brass bead has a deep spiritual meaning, the main shape which makes everything.

    - The initial on the Seed of Life indicates the genuine hand-crafting by Reiki Master Stefano P.

    - The crystals and gemstones beads are kept in my Reiki room and they get regular life force energy waves.

    - While crafting your bracelet, I will use life force energy to charge it with positive vibes.

    - Receive instructions on how to use and information about your selected crystal.

    - You can also customize your bracelet and mix up any crystals you wish, simply get in contact.

    - A free distance Life Force Energy Healing session which you can book when you wish.

    - Receive an SP-Life-energy box with an inner insert infused in essential oil corresponding to the main gemstone chakra, use it to recharge your gemstones

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