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Life Force Energy at Work

An energetic alternative for higher productivity

When people think about being more productive, it’s usually around work — producing better work, and more of it. There are several ways in which meditation and Reiki for productivity can boost your performance on the job.

Studies show that meditation is associated with structural changes in areas of the brain responsible for cognitive and emotional processing. That change, increased cortical thickness (i.e., more grey matter), is also associated with improved working memory and skilled executive decision-making. Meditation can help declutter your thoughts and sharpen your concentration, which also allows you to stay on task longer.

Even during those pressure-cooker days, meditation helps by reducing stress, which can muddy the mind and keep us from performing at our best. Meditation not only deepens our concentration, but it also lessens the mental effort needed to stay focused. One guided meditation productivity study described it as “a state of concentrated calm or serene attention.” In fact, just one session of Headspace was shown to improve focus and reduce mind-wandering by 22%.

We all are highly concerned about our overall well-being. Not only our home but our workplace should also have an ambience that is supportive, relaxed, safe and encouraging for all of us. To reduce sickness absence and to improve the overall productivity of employees, it is advisable to build a positive work ambience. Reiki can work magically in this matter.

This is why many companies are adding Reiki and meditation as alternative therapy while arranging on-site wellness programs. Along with yoga, massage, and acupuncture, Reiki effectively offers well-being and relaxation to people and helps them manage professional stress.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique to channel universal life force energy into your mind and body through the palms of the therapist, promoting deep relaxation and well-being. The client can experience physical and emotional improvements through the technique of energy passing throughout them.

What is Reiki in the Workplace?

Modern offices in the UK often arrange on-site wellness programs to reduce their stress and improve their functionality and output. When Reiki sessions are included in those wellness programs, it is known as Reiki in the workplace.

Relieve Work Stress with the Help of Therapy

Reiki has the power to relieve stress and offer to heal our minds and body. It can be mental, physical or emotional stress that makes our body feel uncomfortable, pain and stiffness at some points. Be it a headache, a backache, or pain in the feet, a session can help you get rid of the issue and make you feel better for a prolonged period.

How Can Someone Use Reiki to Get Rid of Workplace Tension?

  • Take a short break of 10-15 minutes from your office work.

  • Go to the wellness expert or the holistic expert appointed by your office.

  • Ask for a Reiki session to relieve work stress and physical pain.

  • You can reduce pain in the neck, lower back, arms, shoulder and feet.

  • Your mind will become relaxed and refreshed after this session.

Benefits at the Workplace

  • Reiki can reduce work-related stress, anxiety, depression and negative self-talk.

  • It helps your mind to overcome challenges and cultivate a positive and encouraging mindset.

  • It helps you to feel better and more active during your office time.

  • Enhance your thought process and make you feel energetic, which improves your overall productivity.

  • It makes your body feel relaxed and helps you to give 100% effort while working on challenging projects for longer hours.

  • It reduces mental and physical fatigue, which generally stops you from being active and mindful.

  • Reiki improves your immunity, sleep and concentration.

  • It improves your overall lifestyle by making you feel positive, energetic and good about yourself.

Ensure the relaxation of employees.


How do you do that?

Relaxed employees:

You want your employees to be energetic and dedicated in the workplace. But they will undoubtedly have to deal with stress in their work. Deadlines must be met, they experience work pressure and many hours have to be worked. If stress and tension continue to accumulate, these can cause physical complaints.


What can you do as a manager to combat that stress? Could you combine effort with relaxation?

Relaxing at work may sound contradictory. But it seems that a little relaxation while working is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety.

If an employee can relax for a moment, he then feels calmer, he can sleep better, he feels better, he will recover faster after an illness and he feels his body better.

What can you do?

The solution does not have to be found in very difficult things. By relaxing for a moment, they can see things from a different perspective. If employees are less stressed, that also has benefits for you as a manager. Less tense employees are less absent from work, have more energy and therefore perform better.

They enjoy their work more.

Another big advantage of relaxation at work is that it improves the working atmosphere. Team members will form a closer team and that will lead to better results.

Nowadays many companies are aware of the need for an area where employees can let off steam. Some relax by playing a game. The office should not, of course, become a playground, but you could provide a relaxation service at work. You could also make the meeting room available as a room where employees can meet the practitioner for just 10-15 minutes.

If you are the owner of a company or the CEO of a team, you should arrange such workplace wellness programs. These programs will help you to obtain excellent performance and outstanding results from your team.

You should contact me; I can come to your site to offer the sessions to your employees. These sessions will be short, highly effective and encouraging for all your team members. The results will be outstanding for your business.

Millions of people suffer from everyday anxiety and stress – and surprise surprise, it seems to hit hardest while you’re at work.


Workplace anxiety has a number of unpleasant consequences, including: 

  • Reduced performance and work quality

  • Relationship breakdowns with colleagues

  • A feeling of isolation

  • A tendency to turn down opportunities

  • An avoidance of innovation

It might seem a little excessive, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with treating your mind and body to some dedicated “you” time, and for your employees booking in for a short session during their break is one of the best ways of doing this.

My service starts from as little as £50 per hour, receiving at your site, which can offer a 15 minutes session to up to 3 employees.

Would you like to try it first-hand? I’ll be more than happy to offer you and 2 selected members of your team a week of trial, 1 hour per day, Monday to Friday, you can be the judge of the results!

Get in touch to arrange a meeting!

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